Ubuntu hints at full convergence and semi rolling updates

In an interview with PCpro that it was revealed by Mark Shuttleworth that Canonical is now leading the race for full convergence across all devices and architectures. There is also a possibility of shifting over from bi-annual releases to semi-rolling releases as mobile users are accustomed to updates being released ‘whenever’ they’re ready by the maintainers.

Complete convergence happens when an OS can run on multiple devices and on multiple platforms while using the same code base for all variants. Canonical claim that they can deliver complete convergence “before Microsoft” by 14.10 or by 15.04 at the latest.  Rolling development is a software development model which continually develops through frequent update releases. Semi-rolling or partly rolling refers to rolling releases that have a stable or “non rolling” core.

Ubuntu may have a head start due to the shared Linux core with Android which could give Ubuntu an advantage with app developers. “Web apps and native apps designed for Android are much closer to being on Ubuntu than they are to being on Windows. Many Android developers use Ubuntu, and develop their apps on Ubuntu, so it’s much easier for them to target that simultaneously.” claims Shuttleworth. An SDK based on Qt5 was released earlier this year which let developers make multi-platform apps or port them.

Although Canonical have yet to announce hardware partners for the OS, Shuttleworth claims that the OS is currently being tested on “cutting-edge devices” of many “household brands”, and that a “high-end” smartphone will be released in 2014.

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I am a Linux user for a little over a year now and an ardent distro hopper. I have used LXDE, XFCE, RazorQT, Gnome 2, Gnome 3, the new MATE, and Cinnamon desktops. I have a soft corner towards Manjaro for being a rolling distro that provides stable packages but my daily driver at the moment is Ubuntu 13.10 with Gnome window manager running KDE 4.11 and Gnome 3.10 which I switch between based on my mood. I'm fond of R for being the most powerful statistical tool. Being a junior consultant in quality, I still don't have the money to purchase tools my peers use but R being flexible, free and completely cross platform was everything I have ever wanted. I also use Steam on Ubuntu to play Team Fortress from time to time, other open source software I use are LMMS and Openshot.

9 thoughts on “Ubuntu hints at full convergence and semi rolling updates

  1. “Ubuntu hints at full convergence and semi rolling updates.”
    Ubuntu HINTS at full convergence and semi rolling updates?? !!

    According to everything coming out of Slippery-Shuttleworth’s mouth PRIOR TO THIS ARTICLE, Ubuntu IS BEATING MICROSOFT AT FULL CONVERGENCE.

    Ubuntu HINTS at full convergence and semi rolling updates?

    See why no one believes Mark Shuttleworth?

    Hope you can keep up your readership with this kind of ‘reporting’.

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