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Reflection from eyes can catch the criminals

Photographer Stuart Campbell of the University of Glasgow has unearthed what might be an additional way to solve crimes with the eyes of would be victims.

In a report published on the 26th of December 2013, it was discovered that the ‘corneal reflections’ in the eyes of victims can be used to determine who took the picture or the persons that were in the immediate surroundings. This applies specifically to crimes where the victims were photographed and the images were recovered. Man has long known that the eyes often give off a reflection of what’s in front of them. The problem is that, until now, the quality of the images being reflected in the cornea were of such poor quality or too small for detectives to make good use of them.

Enlarged image of a person’s eye shows the faces of people around him. Isn’t it amazing.

It has also been discovered that human beings are quite capable of distinguishing the images of familiar faces even if the image has a pixel count of 7×10. With the help of some willing models, powerful cameras and the right lighting conditions, members of the Glasgow University were able to conduct two main experiments in which they produced recognizable images of persons who took the photos and those who were just bystanders.

The results of the experiments were positive and give a glimmer of hope to law abiding citizens everywhere. Whether this news serves as a deterrent, or it helps to solve some crime, it’s wonderful to see technology used to help make our lives better. For more information on the experiments, check here for the full details.

Source: Plosone
Image Source: Flickr, Plosone

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  1. have already seen this idea – in a Tamil (Indian) cinema 1984 !!!! A snake (male) when dies show the images of 6 people who killed it – to its wife – for later revenge !!!!!!

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