NPD – Chromebooks accounted for over 20% of US laptop sales in 2013

Consumer market research group, NPD, has claimed that approximately 21% of notebooks sales between the months of January and November belonged to those running Google’s web based OS.

This number signifies a marked increase in sales as Chromebooks failed to account for even 1% of the notebook market in 2012. A 20% increase year over year is “the largest share increase” recorded across several markets by the NPD.

Although Microsoft has launched a scathing attack on Chromebooks, it has not deterred the masses from snapping them up in stores and online. More and more manufacturers have joined the cause and, judging from the statistics, Microsoft has every reason to be worried.

The initial doubt that greeted Chromebooks is beginning to wane and the general public has become more receptive. It’s interesting to see how much the platform grows in the coming year and whether the much rumoured merge between Android and Chrome OS will ever take place. What ever the outcome, we can rest assured that Google has some great plans in store for its two operating systems.

Source: NPD


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