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Enable Canary channel in Chrome OS

Google earlier introduced Canary channel for Chrome to let users play with experimental features without leaving the comfort of the stable channel. Chrome Canary is installed as a separate browser and works independently. The advantage is, you can install Chrome with stable channel and keep it for your daily use, and try new features on the canary channel whenever you want to.

This Canary channel is now available for Chrome Os and can be installed with only two commands. Although the story here is slightly different. If you are willing to test the Canary build you have to dual boot your Chromebook with Chrome OS and Chrome OS Canary.

How to Update to the Hidden Canary Build :

First and foremost put your Chromebook in developer mode. Once this is done,

1. Press Alt + Ctrl + T to get a command prompt.

2. Type shell and press enter to get to the shell prompt.

3. Type sudo su and press enter to get to the root prompt.

4. Enter the following two commands to run the update:

update_engine_client -channel canary-channel

update_engine_client -update

5. Finally, reboot your Chromebook to enter Canary build.

A much detailed writeup can be found in Kenny Strawn’s blog. Read it here.

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