Wayland-Powered Hawaii 0.2 Desktop Released

The Maui project have released a completely new Wayland powered desktop named Hawaii 0.2, which promises to bring a new generation of desktop experience for GNU/Linux users. This desktop promises to bring a completely new out of box experience GNU experience for users and ships the latest and greatest open source software out there. The desktop environment uses Qt 5.2 as the toolkit backed by qtwayland module. Some other striking features of this release are:

  • Wayland 1.3 and Weston 1.3
  • Dconf
  • Polkit-Qt-1 with Qt 5 support

The desktop has an interactive app launcher, a brand new shell, panels and aims to provide all important services to make the desktop usable. Users will be amazed by the responsive user interface, multi-screen support, notification bubbles, click through notifications, lock screen and custom theming support.

There are no ISOs available yet, but if you are impatient enough, you can build it directly from source. Much unlike other desktop environments which rely on age old X Windows System, Hawaii is fully capable of running in Wayland. Popular desktop environments like Gnome, KDE etc have been planned to be ported soon in Wayland, but significant work hasn’t been done yet.