Google hits back at Apple, Microsoft created patent troll

Both Apple and Microsoft use (or abuse) the broken patent system to stifle competition. The two companies backed (and Microsoft is infamous for creating proxy organizations to weaken competitors – FairSearch of Europe is one such example) a patent troll called Rockstar to target Android.

Microsoft and Apple (along with other companies) created Rockstar to abuse the patents that it acquired via Nortel acquisition – these companies are not ‘protecting’ their innovation; they are buying patents to attack others – most notably Google which is known for not using patents as weapons.

The problem (and advantage that Microsoft and Apple were aware of) with such patent trolls is that since they don’t sell any products they can’t be counter-sued or threatened with injunctions – they more or less have the license to rob.

Now Google, the common enemy of these two ancient players, is fighting back. Rockstar recently opened an attack against those companies who are Google’s partner and use Android OS.

GigaOM reports, “In a complaint filed Monday in San Jose, Google claims that Rockstar’s patent campaign is taking aim at hundreds of California tech companies and that the litigation has “placed a cloud on Google’s Android platform,” threatening Nexus devices in particular.”

Most of these ‘acquired’ and not invented patents don’t even deal with core Android features, they deal with generic features such “mobile hotspot”, “VPN” or “notification”.

Rockstar filed the lawsuits in the heaven of patent trolls – Texas, but Google counter sued them in California, stating that the case be moved there.

The reports are floating that the Microsoft/Apple created patent troll is considering selling some of it’s patents – as probably they don’t hold any ‘attack’ value.

Microsoft’s own bogus patents
Even Microsoft’s own patents claims are bogus and most of the patent deals it brags about are probably related to FAT32 and Microsoft, in my opinion, is not making more than few dimes per Android device let alone dollars. Microsoft wants such lies, that it mints billions of dollars from Android, to spread which only helps this company in keeping the lie alive.

Source: GigaOM

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