Canonical Releases the Most Complete and Stable Ubuntu Touch Image So Far

Just before the holiday season sets in, Canonical has a surprise gift for all Ubuntu mobile fans. A new Ubuntu Touch image has been released and this is claimed to be the most stable release so far. Along with that, this release boasts a new way to dual boot with Android. This is a giant new step and will be specially welcome by enthusiasts who would like to experiment Ubuntu on their phones, leaving existing Android system untouched.

The media player regression has been fixed so now you will be able to enjoy flawless video and music on the go. Along with that, this release, tagged as #79, also features latest Unity 8 and Mir, which will give users a completely new user experience on their phones. A great many bugs have been fixed in scopes, shell, download manager and the Unity UI Toolkit has got an overhaul.

Another release #80 also is available for public testing which has latest Unity 8 and pulseaudio packages. As the developers are off for holidays, no new releases have been planned before the new year, but users will be able to report bugs and test the release on their phones all this time.

This has been a great year for Ubuntu, specially after they announced Ubuntu for phones and went for a croudfunding campaign of Ubuntu Edge. Though the campaign was a failure, the mettle of Ubuntu as a mobile OS was recognized as it went to be one of the most financially backed campaign in crowdfunding history. Ubuntu Mobile has also got their first takers recently and we can expect them in our phones, maybe mid next year.

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