Top 13 developments of Ubuntu in 2013

Intel refuses to support Xmir
Intel, who is a prime supporter and promoter of Wayland display server refused a proposed commit that would add support for Xmir for their xf86­video­Intel driver. An official statement from Intel read

We do not condone or support Canonical in the course of action they have chosen, and will not carry XMir patches upstream.

Xmir dropped from Ubuntu 13.10
Xmir was finally dropped from Ubuntu 13.10 after the Ubuntu developers failed to get satisfactory results from the graphics layer.

Government bodies across the world start to switch to Ubuntu
2013 was the year of Linux. Many government bodies recognized Linux, particularly Ubuntu and started switching to the Linux distribution. The French police switched to Ubuntu, City of Munich switched to a custom version of Ubuntu and the Chinese Government announced UbuntuKynlin. The Chinese language flavour of Ubuntu is the official OS of China.

Ubuntu Touch 1.0 released
Ubuntu developers released the 1.0 version of Ubuntu Touch phone OS. Although the release was not usable for normal users by any standards, the 1.0 release marked as a stepping stone for a bigger and better release slated to be released in April 2014.


New Icon for Ubuntu revealed
After years of speculations, rumours and assurances from the Ubuntu creator, a new set of icons was finally announced. The set of icons will be released for Ubuntu Touch and in due course will be released for Ubuntu desktop.
Valve releases Steam OS and recommends Ubuntu as the desktop of choice
Valve, the gaming giant, released Steam OS, built on top of Debian and will be the gaming OS of the future. Initial rumours suggested the OS will be a fork of Ubuntu but was later confirmed Steam OS will be a Debian fork. Valve went ahead and recommended Ubuntu as Linux desktop of choice.


There were numerous other stories pertaining to Ubuntu however, the above 13 are my top picks which has changed the way people look at Ubuntu and Canonical. If you are interested in reading the stories in details, you can search Muktware’s archives for the stories.

About Sayantan Das

Sayantan is a Sr. IT Consultant working at Srinsoft Technologies, Chennai. He has over six years of work experience with more than four years as a Linux System Administrator. He is a Linux enthusiast and a blogger. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu Manual.

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  1. “- which didn’t make much sense as iOS is neither free nor opensource !”

    Sayantan, I think you misunderstood, I feel Mark was talking about Android (free & opensource) when closing Ubuntu’s Bug #1. Although iOS is neither free nor opensource it is remarkable how its challenging the monopoly.

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