Google changes Chrome Web Store policy for extensions

The Chrome Store’s Developer Program policy was updated to ensure better user experience and security. This policy affects how an extension is developed and handled. For new extensions, the policy will go into effect immediately. For the older extensions, the policy will be enforced gradually till June 2014.

According to the updated policy, an extension must have a single purpose. Also the user must be made clear about the purpose of the extension. If an extension has more than one piece of functionality then it should be broken down in multiple extensions. The important parts are “single purpose” and “clarity of purpose “. Enforcement of this policy can prevent extension developers from adding unwanted features. The developer also would be required to specify the purpose of the extension clearly. This move benefits the end-user by giving him more control over his browser.

Last month it was announced that Chrome users on Windows wouldn’t be able to install apps outside the webstore. A week back, extensions linking to torrent indexes were removed.¬†With this latest change in developer policy Google seems to take concerns regarding security pretty seriously.

10 thoughts on “Google changes Chrome Web Store policy for extensions

  1. This brings up big questions about what google might do in the future. I don’t like it at all. My chrome based torch browser will still take any chrome extension though so I guess I’ll be switching voer to keep using what I want.

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