openSUSE Education Li-f-e released

The openSUSE community has announced the release of ‘Education Li-f-e‘, a spin targeted at education. This release is based on recently released v13.1 and includes carefully selected software for students, educators as well as parents.

The openSUSE team has put together a nice set of tools for everyone including teachers, students, parents and IT administrators. The operating system covers quite a lot of disciplines including chemistry, mathematics, astronomy and Geography. The operating system is open source and available for free so it saves costs for institutions.

Here is a glimpse of what tools educators get:

Master chemistry with Avogadro and Kalzium periodic table. Avogadro is intended not only for molecular modeling research, but also for educational use. Check out their website to find out how you can use it for education. Learn with flash cards, polish your word skills with Kanagram, Stardict dictionary or employ a typing tutor.

Want to create or become a Math genius? Get ahead with algebra, geometry or statistics.

For little ones, explore games and interactive pictographs to learn using Gcompris and Little Wizard.

If theology is your thing, there is Bibletime which can help you study the Bible, the Koran and other texts.

Boldly go where you have never gone before with Stellarium and explore our globe using Marble.

Download openSUSE Li-f-e

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