Fedora 20 released

The Fedora Project has announced the release of Fedora 20, code named Heisenbug. Fedora 20 is dedicated to Seth Vidal the lead developer of Yum and the Fedora update repository who recently died in a road accident.

Commenting on the release, Robyn Bergeron, Fedora Project Leader, said, “For 10 years, Fedora has not only led the way as a cutting-edge, open operating system, but the Fedora Project has also served as a paradigm for other open source communities on a global scale. Fedora 20 continues Fedora’s history of delivering innovative technologies ahead of the curve, bringing to bear new features that better enable virtualization and cloud computing within the operating system. Additionally, Fedora 20 builds upon community feedback, delivering advanced maturity features to address the needs of the most advanced users.”

Considering the rise of ARM Fedora 20 now supports ARM as a primary architecture. The Fedora 20 release statement admits, “While x86/x86_64 serves as the default architecture for the majority of Fedora users, ARM is rapidly growing in stature and already dominates the mobile world. Beyond mobile and the maker movement, ARM shows great promise as a powerful and cost-effective technology for the server world, leading to primary support from Fedora to satisfy end users and developers targeting the ARM platform.”

Gnome is the default DE of Fedora, and so it is for Fedora 20. Fedora comes with KDE, XFCE, LXDE and MATE. You can install the DE of your choice on top of base Fedora. Fedora 20 comes with GNOME 3.10 has a number of new applications and features, including a new music application (gnome-music), a new maps application (gnome-maps), a revamp for the system status menu, and Zimbra support in Evolution.

Gnome 3 has improved quite a lot lately and is quite pleasant to use – along with all the customizations it allows through extensions.

Download Fedora 20

We just published the review of Fedora 20.

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