Pi powered, 3D printed robot eases multiple DVD ripping

Making life easier to those of us who are into ripping DVDs, Andy Ayre has developed a robot which can automatically replace DVDs into the optical drive. The robot, called Jack the Ripper Bot, was developed using 3D printing technology and runs on Raspberry Pi.

To work with the discs, the robot uses an ‘in tray’, an ‘out tray’ and an arm for handling the discs. All the DVDs which need to be ripped are placed on the ‘in tray’. The ‘in tray’ can hold up to 24 discs but can be modified to hold more. The robotic arm then picks up the top disc and places it into the open drive tray. Once the process of ripping is completed, the robotic arm picks up this disc and places it into the ‘out tray’. Since, it is fully automated, you can focus your energy on other tasks and let the robot take over thisĀ  mundane task of feeding discs into the optical drive.


The inspiration to build the robot came from Andy’s own life. He initially began ripping his wife’s huge collection of DVDs, which he says spans 15 years, to his media server. However, manually feeding discs into the drive made the task inefficient. Andy says that while building the robot his aims were –

  1. Modular software and hardware design
  2. Open source
  3. Reliable
  4. Low cost
  5. Using off-the-shelf electronics

If you are interested, files can be downloaded from github.

Yet another example of the versatility of the Pi and the power of 3D printing.

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