Nexus 5 gets larger speakers, improved buttons

If you happen to buy a brand new Nexus 5 handset, you will notice a few subtle differences compared to the first batch of Nexus 5 devices sold at launch.

Yes, it is not an entirely new Nexus device but with a few tweaks which surely make it a better device.

The revised version comes with larger holes for the speaker at the bottom of the device and also some adjusted buttons. Many users reported about excessive rattling noises due to loose buttons on the Nexus 5. Now the new volume and power buttons seem to be a bit stiffer, which definitely sounds good.

The tweaked version also fixes other problems like the ‘cutting-edge’ display frame and protruding SIM tray.

It’s nice to see that Google was quick enough to eliminate the little quirks of its biggest pride. But it is of little help to those users who bought launch day models, unless of course Google and LG announce an option of seeking a replacement.

7 thoughts on “Nexus 5 gets larger speakers, improved buttons

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