Google may drop Intel, design its own chips

Google is considering designing its own chips for its massive datacenters instead of using Intel’s stock processors. The Android maker is known for having over a million servers, making it the largest single consumer of server chips. The company deals with huge amount of data whether it be Google Maps, Google Earth or services like YouTube and it designing its own chips optimized for handling this kind of processing makes more sense.

Companies like Apple already design their own chips for consumer grade products, so it’s quite reasonable for Google to design chips for it’s server needs.

According to a Bloomberg report, Google is considering ARM chips for its datacenter. Google, which is primarily seen as a software player, already designs is own datacenter so getting one step further and designing the chip won’t be surprising.

If Google does move to ARM chips that would put Intel in a troubling situation as it has almost no presence in the mobile space dominated by ARM chips from Qualcomm and Samsung. Intel’s core market is desktop and server space and with the decline of PC and Microsoft Windows, that market is slipping out of Intel’s hands. ARM is already emerging as a strong server player as more and more companies are using ARM in servers. Examples for current ARM server ventures include AMD and Nvidia. AMD claim shipments to consumers will be as early as 2014. Nvidia have mentioned Project Denver (ARM processor aimed at performance on desktops) time and again. NVidia have also recently demonstrated their GRID technology for streaming entire applications across devices from a single powerful server.

ARM is a British based microprocessor and software design company with its head office in Cambridge, England. Although it is an intellectual property licensing company, it doesn’t make its own products. It does however license designs at the consumer level. Some of ARM’s primary customers include Quallcomm, NVidia, Apple, Mediatek and Texas Instruments.

Source: Bloomberg

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