Ubuntu Touch officially gets a smartphone partner

Ubuntu Touch, Canonical’s currently most favoured baby, has a GodFather now! Speaking to journalists at the LeWeb conference in Paris yesterday, Mark Shuttelworth, the founder of Canonical and Ubuntu, confirmed that Canonical has reached an agreement with a mobile phone manufacturer to ship high end smartphones running Ubuntu Touch OS.

These phones will be available sometime in 2014. After failing to secure funding ($32m) for the bold crowdfunding project, Ubuntu Edge, this deal should come as very good news to Canonical and long time supporters of Ubuntu. The name of the manufacturer, interestingly, was not revealed by Shuttelworth.

We have concluded our first set of agreements to ship Ubuntu on mobile phones – Mark Shuttleworth

Ubuntu Touch was announced earlier this year and generated quite a buzz among the mobile enthusiasts and carriers alike. It went on to win “the most exciting thing” award at Mobile World Congress from CNET in Februrary beating Firefox OS, the other new entrant in the mobile OS space.

Shuttleworth believes there is a future in the hotly contested mobile OS arena and so he is keen on focussing on Ubuntu Touch. The Ubuntu Carrier Advisary  Group  (CAG), which gives its members exclusives on future plans, already has some big names in it  such as T Mobile, China Unicom, Everything Everywhere (EE)  and Deutsche Telekom.

We are now pretty much at the board level on four household brands. They sell a lot of phones all over the world, in emerging and fully emerged markets, to businesses and consumers.

He was quoted speaking to CNET, hinting on more news to follow on partnerships and deals with bigger OEMs and brands.

Source: Cnet

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9 thoughts on “Ubuntu Touch officially gets a smartphone partner

  1. It’s like the same broken record Canonical plays every year before some events – CES is coming. We have been hearing since Ubuntu TV. In the end it turns out to be just CEO talk.

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