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ownCloud Community Edition 6 released

ownCloud has announced the availability of ownCloud Community Edition 6. The version comes with improved design, advanced integration with enhanced APIs and the ability to create, share, download – and now collaboratively edit — documents online.

“ownCloud 6 is the fastest, easiest-to-use ownCloud yet,” said Frank Karlitschek, founder and leader of the ownCloud project, as well as CTO of ownCloud, Inc. “It has a ton of cool new features that the community can use to safely and privately sync and share files – under their control. And ownCloud Documents gives small groups the ability to edit documents together in real-time.”

So what’s new in ownCloud 6?

ownCloud Documents
There are many users who do like the live, collaborative editing feature of Google Docs but want to have full control over it (without having any company access to their document). ownCloud now has a solution for these users. ownCloud Documents enables online, live, collaborative editing of standard documents.

These documents reside on ownCloud securely and can be accessed via web. One of the best features is that ‘the editing works on top of normal ODF files that are stored in ownCloud and can be privately and securely stored on-premises.’

Other major features of ownCloud Community Edition 6 include:

User Interface

  • Activity feeds. A real-time list of recent activity so users can see what is going on in their ownCloud account with the files they own.
  • Improved design. Updated interface, new elements, and other improvements provide less visual clutter and more space for better user focus and more intuitive interactions.
  • Avatars. New user pictures visible through the interface that augment sharing and collaborative interactions.
  • Previews. Thumbnail previews for file types and pictures enabling a user to see a quick summary of their files without having to open them.


  • Conflict handling. A new web conflict dialog providing the user multiple options if a file is uploaded that already exists on the server.
  • Share file notification. Optional emails sent to users and groups when sharing a file or folder with other users of the system.
  • Example files. Pre-set files that an admin can select that appear in new user accounts when they log in for the first time, such as a tutorial on how to use ownCloud.
  • Enhanced performance. Improved performance across the board, including encryption, external system integration and file sync.


  • Sharing REST API. A new API that enables app developers and partners to externally access all ownCloud sharing functions from, for example, a mobile app or desktop application.
  • ownCloud App API. An enhanced API for easier development of 3rd party apps and easier access to core functions for app development.App management. A new framework that improves management of 3rd party apps and the installation of these apps into ownCloud.

ownCloud is available for free download from this link.

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