Chromecast display mirroring is coming to Android

Google released Android 4.4.1 couple of days back, but along with Nexus users, the new update brings some news which would make Chromecast users happy too. Looks like Google is bringing Chromecast mirroring support to Android devices very soon.

Display mirroring on Chromecast is already supported on PC, but codes contained in Android 4.4.1 revealed that the feature is expected to be supported on Android as well. The discovery was made by Koushik Dutta from CyanogenMod fame and he posted his findings on Google+.

Currently, wirelessly streaming Android device display to your TV is available on third party solutions like Miracast only, but now Chromecast will also join the list. However, access to the API is right now restricted between Google and OEM only, therefore the features will only be available on supported devices and possibly won’t work with Apple TV or Roku.

Koushik Dutta stumbled upon lines of codes in Android 4.4.1 which hinted at display mirroring while working on similar solution related to CyanogenMod. The CM team is working on Allcast app which lets users stream local content wirelessly to various devices, except for the Chromecast, but things might change soon. The Allcast app is currently under beta and is available on Google Play for people willing to sign up to try it.

Display mirroring will be a handy feature for projecting android games from your tablet or smartphone onto the TV and other tasks which can take help of the larger display.

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