Google is planning to launch Nexus TV next year

Google is trying hard to get to your living room. New reports have surfaced which state that Google is developing a ‘Nexus TV’ device which is scheduled for launch sometime in first half of 2014. The device will be a set top box running Android and offer music and video streaming services from Netflix Hulu and Youtube.

The last attempt by Google at making a set top box like device – the Nexus Q was dead on arrival, but Google hit the bulls eye with Chromecast which has almost same features but comes in a compact form factor in shape of a dongle.

The Nexus TV will be accompanied by a touchpad remote, but is expected to work with all Android devices like the Chromecast. There is very little information available at the moment, but the word is that Google has already begun secretly demonstrating prototype of Nexus TV to developers. The latest report is based on information provided by an anonymous Google employee to The information.

First rumours about the Nexus TV surfaced during 2013 Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas when Andy Rubin reportedly conducted a closed door demonstration of the device. Back then there were reports about a Kinect Like motion sensor to control the device too.

Apart from Chromecast, other products launched by Google to gain control of people’s television have failed miserably. Google TV, the operating system that was built into smart television sets and other devices didn’t gain much popularity, while Google scraped the Nexus Q project even before its launch.

Many manufacturers like Apple, Intel and Amazon have tried to produce a set-top box of their own, but they faced problems while signing deals with traditional content providers. Maybe due to this reason there will be no live broadcast support in Nexus TV according to the reports. After the success of cheaply priced Chromecast dongle which can be bought for $35 only, Google is aiming to aggressively price the upcoming Nexus TV. It will be interesting to see if consumers are willing to accommodate a full-fledged set-top box in their living room or will still prefer the tiny Chromecast dongle for streaming needs.

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