What’s new in Android 4.4.1

Some Nexus users are still waiting for Android 4.4 to reach their devices and Google has already started rolling out the next update, Android 4.4.1 to some Nexus products. Nexus 5 users should be relieved to know that they are getting the new camera fixes and enhancements that they were striving for.

Improvement in camera app for Nexus 5:

  • Launch time decreased
  • Lower shutter lag making capturing shots faster
  • Autofocus now works faster
  • Overall image quality and HDR+ mode improved
  • New progress indicator in HDR+ mode
  • ‘Photos’ work as the default gallery app when swiping out of camera app

Speaker bug fix: The internal speakers produced poor sound quality in certain apps, this has been fixed now.

Notification bar bug fix: Kitkat introduced transparent notification bar, but some users reported that some notifications made the bar go black. This seems to have been fixed now.

Voice mail notification: There were also reports where notifications for voicemail were not displayed, this has been corrected.

Snappier input response: Boost frequency in the kernel ( project butter ) has increased from 1.0ghz to 1.2ghz resulting in snappier response.

There are several other smaller changes and improvements in the latest update. If you want to manually update Android 4.4.1 on your devices, here are the links:

Nexus 4
Nexus 5
4G LTE Nexus 7

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