Mozilla organizes Gaming contest for web, desktop and mobile, prizes worth $45,000

Mozilla, the organization behind Firefox browser and operating system, is organizing a contest for creating games. They have teamed up with Goo Technologies for Mozilla and Goo’s Game Creator Challenge to engage ‘budding’ game creators.

Mozilla says that it has “…helped pioneer technology that has set the Web up as a serious platform for distributing and developing games. WebGL, Emscripten, asm.js and Web Audio API are just a few of these technologies that now ensure that the Web offers the best and most complete platform for gaming possible.”

The game contest is aimed at showcasing these powerful technologies at the same time building a loyal gaming community around these technologies.

A participant doesn’t have to be a seasoned game developer, anyone can participate. There are three categories a contestant can choose from:

  • Best Amateur Interactive Game Scene and prize for the top 5 contributions is $1,000 in cash and 5 year access to Goo Create Pro ($2900 value)
  • Best Desktop Game and the prize is a trip for two people to the GDC Conference in San Francisco, scheduled for March 17 – 21, 2014 or to GamesCom in Cologne, August 13-17 (maximum value $10,000) or $5,000 cash, at the winner’s option. 5 year access to Goo Create Pro ($2900 value) along with a guest post on the Mozilla Apps blog.
  • Best Mobile Game and the prize is same as that for the ‘Best Desktop Game’

These contestants will be using Goo platform consisting of Goo Engine – a 3D JavaScript gaming engine entirely built on WebGL/HTML5 – and Goo Create – a visual editing tool running on top of the engine.

The entries will be judged by folks from Angry Birds(Rovio), Mozilla and Goo Technologies and the winners will be announced by January 17th.

Contestants can sign up for the contest here and Mozilla will send them instructions on how to take it from there. Deadline for submitting entries is Tuesday, January 14 at midnight PT.

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