Google working on Chrome OS Recovery Tool App

It’s always a good idea to have a recovery USB drive for the OS you use, in case things go bad. Whenever I travel I always keep the live USB of openSUSE with me because I may not have a second machine to create a recovery media. Same could be the case with Chromebook users. I have three Chromebook and there was one incident when my CR48 won’t boot into the OS and was showing that smiley with USB stick. I had to log into my Ubuntu (when I used to use Ubuntu) machine and create the live USB of Chrome OS which was not a very pleasant experience. It was as hard as creating bootable USB of Windows 8 from cmd.

The process of creating recovery drive for Chromebook is not an easy task – when I consider users like my wife who may not be that tech-savvy.

Now Google developers are working on a Chrome OS recovery tool app which makes it easier to create a recovery medium from within your Chrome device.

François Beaufort, a Google developer posted on his Google+ page:

If you already had to create recovery images for your Chrome OS Device, you might have used Chrome OS Recovery Tools¹ such as the Chrome OS Image Burner at chrome://imageburner or others platform-specific ones.

What’s really nice is that the Chromium Team is in the process of creating one unique Tool for this purpose: the Chrome OS Recovery Tool App. Yes, a Chrome App that would take advantage of a new “imageWriterPrivate” Chrome API to write images to removable media.

How to create recovery USB flash device or SD card for your Chrome device?
I would recommend that you always keep a recovery media with you, especially if you have only on PC at home or if you are travelling. Currently it’s easier to do so from your Chromebook.

All you need to do to create USB recovery media is by following the instructions here:

Type chrome://imageburner into the omnibox (browser’s address bar)
Run the tool and follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

Just keep one thing in mind. Since there are many different Chromebooks, each using different hardware, make sure to create recovery for the model you have. A Samsung recovery image won’t work on Acer Chromebook.

This process will become even easier once the Google team creates and publishes the Recovery Tool App.

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