Plex may bring local media playback support to Chromecast

Chromecast devices may soon be able to play local media thanks to PlexMedia Server. According to reports there are hints of Chromecast support coming to Plex.

A redditor who goes by the handle jporn1 discovered an xml file in Plex, which hinted at the ongoing work to bring support for Chromecast.

He wrote:

So I was poking around the Plex install of my synology nas, and I found a Chromecast.xml file. All the files in this folder defined playback capabilities for devices. I’m glad to see they’re working on it!

Though Plex never made any public announcements around Chromecast, but the company did acknowledge that there is a lot of interest in Chromecast and Plex.

The company tweeted after the launch of Chromecast.

When Google launched Chromecast a lot of users expected that it would be able to play local content, though it never made any statements about playback of local content.

It was quite clear that Chromecast was a device to bring more online content to Google’s platforms – it was never meant to become a cheap DLNA player. Google has succeeded in getting some of the major players including Netflix, Hulu and more. Now the company is letting more developers to write their apps for the device. The company will run a hackathon this week to show the Google Cast API to developers and get more apps to support the device.

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