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Tutorial: Unlocking the Nexus 5 bootloader

Nexus devices were consumer centric and always have been a darling of developers and geeks. I am sure one of the first thing a Nexus owner does is to unlock the bootloader before beginning any day to day use, so that one does not pose the risk of losing all the data when need for unlocking the bootloader arises later on, to try out custom ROMs.

Unlocking the bootloader of Nexus devices has always been a cakewalk. Even then we have a short guide to help you unlock the bootloader of your newly acquired Nexus 5.

The following two stages are for beginners, veterans can directly move to the third part.

Setting up Nexus 5

1. Navigate to settings> About Phone. Tap on the Build Number 6 times to enable hidden ‘Developer Options’

2. Inside ‘Developer Option’, enable USB debugging.

3. Connect the phone to your computer using the data cable. (allow USB debugging)

Setting up Android SDK

1. Download Android SDK setup from here and extract it..

2. Locate: android-sdk > platform-tools. Hold Shift and right click on the folder. From the menu select ‘Open command window here.’

3. Check if adb connection is fine by typing in the command window ‘adb device’. If its shows a serial number, its ok.

Let the unlocking begin…

1. Type  adb reboot bootloader in the command prompt. Your phone will restart and show your bootloader screen. You can see a big ‘Start’ button on screen and android logo with internals showing.

2. Type fastboot oem unlock. A confirmation screen will appear, use volume button to highlight ‘Yes’ and power button to select it.

3. All your data will now be erased and bootloader unlocked. You will get a screen confirming that device ‘LOCK STATE’ as ‘unlocked.’

4. Press power to reboot your phone.

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Voila! You have a Nexus 5 with unlocked bootloader. Now you can root your phone and try all the custom ROMs, recovery you want.

Tech Enthusiast, dreamer, slightly insane and does things little differently than normal.


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