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SUSE is now go-to-market partner for Servergy’s PowerLinux Cleantech Servers

Cleantech IT innovations company Servergy Inc. has entered into a partnership with SUSE for its new PowerLinux Cleantech Server line and its new CTS-1000 servers. As part of this tie-up, Servergy’s customers will benefit from SUSE’s PowerLinux expertise and support, along with its scale-up and scale-out options, and new capability to run workloads in the cloud and virtually.

“The unparalleled combination of SUSE-branded PowerLinux software and services for cloud, virtualization and enterprise operating systems and the unique value proposition of Servergy’s Cleantech Architecture will give customers very high I/O scale-out capabilities when refreshing their data centers with clean and green infrastructure,” said Bill Mapp, Servergy chairman and CEO.

Servergy and SUSE work together to build a wide variety of solutions for top global customers, who are implementing Linux-based scale-out solutions and can benefit from Servergy’s hyper-efficient, clean and green offering that literally pays for itself.

According to the company, the Cleantech Server addresses rising data center costs by reducing server power, cooling, space, weight, water and carbon footprints by up to 80 percent, while increasing compute and I/O density by up to 16 times.

“For enterprises and data centers running on Linux, this is a real game-changing technology providing industry leading performance-per-watt,” Mapp added. “With SUSE, we are giving the global Linux community and our customers a new choice that brings hyper-efficient, high I/O, scale-out capability for big data, cloud, caching and distributed storage applications, globally.”

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Servergy will present its go-to-market strategy with SUSE in a Lightning Talk at the SUSE Partner Forum, Nov. 11 at SUSECon.


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