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Samsung rules Russian handset market

Market research firm IDC revealed in its latest report that Samsung takes the top spot in Russia, holding almost half of the total handset market in the second quarter of 2013. Interestingly, market of smartphones in Russia is growing with total quarterly handset shipments reaching 9.7 million units.

“Smartphones now account for nearly two handsets sold in five in Russia,” said Simon Baker, program manager for mobile devices at IDC in Moscow. “Russia’s smartphone market is catching up with more developed countries where the market has almost reached saturation,” he added.

The report said that Nokia’s share has fallen to less than a quarter in Russia. Samsung’s smartphone share dipped slightly in the first quarter, from 55.4 per cent to 52.1 per cent, but the brand still sold more than six times as many smartphones in Russia as its nearest rival, Apple – which was not far ahead of Sony, followed by Nokia and HTC.

Samsung’s Wave Y turned out to be the most popular smartphone model in the second quarter, while the Galaxy S4 and its predecessor S3 sold well in both full-size and mini versions.

Android took the top spot with 73.3 per cent share of the market in OS terms. Samsung’s Bada came second with 9.0 per cent market share, but sales are declining.

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Windows held its ground in third position with 8.6 per cent market share, slightly ahead of iOS at 8.3 per cent. Nokia’s Symbian OS has virtually vanished from the market, the report revealed.


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