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No plans to sell Firefox phones in US: Mozilla

It looks like you will have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on Firefox OS phones in the United States. Currently, Mozilla has no plans to sell consumer Firefox phones in the US, executive chair Mitchell Baker said at the OpenMobile Summit.

Baker clarified that Mozilla will have developer phones for the US market, which it has already sold more than 1,300 of on eBay, CNET reports.

“In talking about Firefox OS, Baker stressed the importance of the company’s strategy to market to developing countries. Something that the Apple and Google duopoly has missed, she said, is the importance of price,” the report adds.

Earlier this year, Mozilla’s then-CEO Gary Kovacs disclosed that the allies would work on bringing Firefox OS to developing markets starting in the second quarter and to the United States in 2014.

Baker’s current statement may force you to rethink on ZTE’s plan to come up with a second handset running Firefox OS next year.

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It is interesting to note here that ZTE’s executive VP He Shiyou expects the device to be launched with a larger display than its predecessor, a dual-core processor, and also a low price.


  1. Not massively surprising news. I don’t expect any of the “upstart” OSes to gain much attention stateside.

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