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Linux Mint 16 RC Review

Linux Mint 16 RC was released a few days ago, so a final release should be right around the corner. As someone who just rediscovered Linux Mint a few days ago (long story short; Ever since Linux Mint 11 I’ve hated it), I thought it might be a good idea to give Linux Mint 16’s release candidate a look.

In this article, I’ll be having a look at the Cinnamon edition of Linux Mint 16. There is also an image available which is using MATE as the default desktop environment. If you like yourself some nostalgia, I’d say you should give it a look. My first impression of it was “Wow! Flashback time! This is Linux Mint 10 with a new wallpaper!”, but by all means have a look at it for yourself.

Now, on to the review!

Cinnamon 2.0
Probably the most important change to Linux Mint 16 is its desktop environment. With this release, Linux Mint’s own Cinnamon has received the version number 2.0. With just over 850 commits, it packs a healthy dose of new features and bugfixes.

While other Linux distributions were busy trying simplify the user interface and adding useless features nobody’s ever going to use, Linux Mint’s focus appears to have remained on customisability. And noticeably so. When opening the Sound Settings, I was pleasantly greeted with a feature that has long since disappeared from a lot of major Linux distributions; Assigning sound effects to certain events. Is it very useful? Perhaps not. Is it a nice addition? Definitely. As stupid as it might sound, I’ve missed this feature quite a bit over the last few years.


With Gnome’s user management module constantly getting dumbed down further to the point where you have to rely on the command line to get simple tasks done, Cinnamon’s new “Users and Groups” module is a welcome sight. It provides users with an easy to use user interface for managing users and group, while still managing to keep it simple enough as to not scare less technical users away.


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  1. you reviews are too short.just make them expanded and point-wise.

    • It’s 3 page long. Did you check out page 2/3?

      • Or page 1? Seriously, 10 A4 pages with screenshots that take up 2/3 of the overall space of the article? Robin, Look, I am glad you like the new versions of Mint, I am about to go running back to openSuSE, but a review that is little more content than a bunch of pictures is no review. I do thank you for not doing a installation review. I won’t even read reviews that run through the installer anymore.

    • Short? Well, at least I’m not the only one who got confused with the article being split up over 3 pages :p It’s actually 10 A4 pages long.

  2. Good review! I’ll give it a try once the official release is out.

  3. design 7??
    hahahahahaaaaaa.. aaa..

    • Design is a matter of taste. I think the Mint-X theme, being obviously either based on or inspired by the elementary theme, looks quite good. Luckily, Linux Mint is quite customisable, and easily allows you to change the look of your desktop :)

      • design is not a matter of taste.. and it is not (only) about how things look..
        the undereducated “review” and the “score” should better avoid the topics that the author has no knowledge and/ or understanding for in order to keep the whole thing credible.. evaluating and criticizing something one does not have the capacity to comprehend is not the way to go..

        • So you’re the only one who does have an understanding of design? No. If 5 people say something looks pretty, and 5 say it doesn’t, does that mean one or the other is right? Of course not! All I can do in a review is give you my opinion. I’m not forcing my opinion on you. By all means feel free to have a different opinion.

          • and you’re only confirming my previous statements.. lemme try to clarify..
            your opinion can be anything.. anything at all.. check.. but..
            you are however writing and publishing a review here, and it is almost journalism, which comes or should come with some responsibility to both the readers who might form their opinion and/ or decisions based on it and the product that you are reviewing and the people that are making it..
            ok.. first of all, back to the “core of the wrongs”.. you clearly have some trouble understanding what the word design actually means, generally, and how it can be applied to a review of a distribution.. it is, again, not about something looking pretty or not, to five or five million people.. wrong track, sorry.. in the time of free and accessible knowledge there is very little excuse for anyone who aspires to let the public know of their opinion for not doing their homework.. if you had named the category “my superficial subjective impressions as an end user only” it would have been fine..
            as an individual of course you have every “right” to your opinion, regardless of it’s relevance, and further, all the “rights” to share it with the world through any channels that you manage, as vocally as you can.. to be perfectly blunt, it’s not your fault, it is your editorial’s..
            i am not writing this as an individual criticizing a piece that i have ran into on the internet that i happen not agree with, i am simply pointing out to a giant flaw, that might not be too obvious, in an article that is a part of a rather scarce subject of reporting on a wider topic that i care about (floss) regarding a field that i do believe that i know a thing or two about.. so.. although it might not seem like it on the firs glance, i think that i’m doing you and the wider community “a favor” here..
            on a more personal note.. i have no great emotional attachment to mint in particular.. i simply do recognize what they are doing right.. 90% of their work IS design, and that is what makes it arguably the number one distro of choice for the general desktop users for years.. i am not talking about the icon themes, wallpapers and other “artwork” nor cinnamon necessarily, but the whole package, it’s identity and experience.. if someone as an end user finds it pretty or not is a completely other topic.. i am most certainly not the only one that has understanding of design but being inside the industry for about a decade does help.. i am aware that i have little to no understanding of quantum mechanics, kernel development or sheep herding and i keep whatever opinion i might happen to have on them to myself with a firm belief that the world is just fine and better off without them..

          • I’m not sure I understand you correctly, but we’re talking design as in default theming, here, not code design.

  4. Much of the difficulties with Mint 11 & 12 was actually created by Ubuntu’s gear-up for the horrid (for many, many people) Unity desktop. Remember that Mint (except for LMDE) offshoots from Ubuntu. That created a developers nightmare for the Mint team that they obviously successfully overcame. They took a radical departure from Ubuntu’s path that has benefited myriads of disappointed and disillusioned ex-Ubuntu users. A very smart move.

  5. Security/privacy 8? How did you come to that figure? The only explanation I can think of is that you’re reviewing a release candidate and not the actual stable release. Otherwise, you’d have to give it 10.

  6. Okay – so you have used Mint 16 for the entire day…You used Mint 15 a bit longer and the last time you (hated) Mint was version 8… You are really writing a review of Linux Mint 16 and on top of it all – you are really giving the breakdown points on usability, design etc? You are funny!

  7. Thank you for taking the time to do this review. It helped me, with other reviews, make up my mind. I am backing up all my data and getting ready to migrate from Windows 7.

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