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Kolab.org 3.1 comes with new file cloud storage feature

Kolab 3.1 is now available, featuring improvements and automations for multi-domain hosted environments. The most important new features are a new file cloud storage feature and CalDAV and CardDAV support, which enables a whole host of platforms and applications, most importantly the Mac OS X native applications. Also, CalDAV has many benefits on Android, for GNOME Evolution and others, including Microsoft Outlook.

With the new release, it is now possible to create shared folders not only with the kolab command line utility, but also in the web administration interface.

The developers are also confident that “this is the best Kolab release of all times”.

Kolab 3.1 is available for the reference platform RHEL or CentOS. “And thanks to the new Open Build Service sponsored by Kolab Systems and SUSE, there is now also packages for Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and openSUSE. But please note that these packages are still a work in progress and need some help from packagers for the various distributions,” according to release notes.

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Along with the new release, the developers said they have also updated their old documentation at docs.kolab.org and replaced them with new more extensive documentation.


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