Microsoft is scared of Chromebooks, launches smear campaign

Microsoft is very very scared of Linux, the same operating system its CEO Steve Ballmer once called cancer. But the abusive monopolist of 20th century just doesn’t know how to compete with better products. Instead of trusting its engineers Microsoft is banking on propaganda around competitor’s products.

While Microsoft’s own products also do what it is accusing Google of doing – SkyDrive scans content and has banned accounts where users put ‘porn’ in private folders. Microsoft’s Outlook also scans content of mails. Skype uses patented technology to intercept calls and Xbox continuously monitors what users are doing.

The only difference between the two companies is that while Microsoft scans users content and yet charges heavily for it, Google offers its services for free – backed by ads.

Microsoft product have often been accused of having backdoors to allow the US government to spy on the rest of the world. Contrary to Microsoft Google does fight for user’s freedom.

So technically speaking it’s Microsoft which is screwing users and not Google.

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Terrified of Chromebooks

Now Microsoft is terrified of Google’s Chromebooks. But the company is not fighting back by offering users a better product – because it doesn’t have any. Windows 8 is a bigger disaster than Vista. But it’s not just Windows 8; the entire Windows platform is becoming obsolete as our computing is moving to the cloud (though I am not a huge fan of public cloud) and Google is sitting at the center of that market.

So how is Microsoft fighting back? Microsoft is fighting back by running ad campaigns which bash Google products. Microsoft has started a new campaign against Google Chromebooks where a lady tries to sell a Chromebook at a Pawn Shop and the sales person says ‘it’s not a laptop as it won’t work without the internet’.

That’s not true – Chromebooks do work offline – in fact almost every major app – including Gmail and Google Docs now work offline, so if there is no internet connection you can still work on the device.

Create websites of your choice using a powerful lightweight laptop.

According to Wall Street Journal Microsoft started a “Chrome fighter’ incentives where it was offering discounts to PC vendors to focus on Windows and not Chromebooks. Almost all of the core Microsoft partners are now offering Chromebooks. What is even more interesting is that while PC sales is declining, Chromebooks sales are picking up. Chromebook has been the #1 devices on

Microsoft is obviously scared of Chromebooks. But the way Microsoft is misleading users by spreading FUD (fear uncertainty and doubt) around Google’s products is disingenuous. With this campaign Microsoft is actually sending out a message that Chromebooks are doing some serious damage to it’s market share. Which is great news for any GnuLinux user. It’s good to see Microsoft scared of Linux – Android in the mobile space and Chromebook in the desktop space.

I think Mr Ballmer was right when he diagnosed that Linux was cancer – it’s eating up Microsoft.

Slowly and painfully.

14 thoughts on “Microsoft is scared of Chromebooks, launches smear campaign

  1. Microsoft plays with words at places. Internal pages the scroogled campaign correctly points to the fact that spreadsheets cannot be edited offline. Which is true on Google Drive. But I guess Quickoffice removed that shortcoming on Chromebooks?

  2. as if the cloud is a fix all solution. It just a new name for something that’s been there for years. Why would I put my stuff on a microsoft or google server? I have my own servers in the internet. I dont think stuff like Google Drive is bad, but before that there have been a lot of offerings like that through the years.

    I do a lot of programming, I will program something for an iphone or for a android tablet or so. But I still need a PC for that. Be it microsoft windows or linux on it, I probably don’t care. I just use a few programs, if an other one is better, I use the one that’s better. At the moment I think visual studio is nice, don’t know anything that is better, but it isn’t great, to many bugs and problems, having been there for like 3-4 versions at least. So if something else arrives, that’s better, than I’m gone.

    Maybe windows 8 is a little better, faster boot, faster this, and that. But it looks terrible, visual studio default looks terrible too. Windows Phone looks terrible too, but hey if you like it, don’t mind me. I don’t like it, and so too see, a lot of people don’t like it.

    If they (microsoft) want to be important, they need to build better products, improve there stuff, not make something totally different everytime and abandon the old stuff. Why no directX11 on XP? Don’t need it now anymore, we would have started using it a long time ago, if it worked everywhere. Other example: MDX, XNA? just made something new, never fixed the old one, lot of people moved to SlimDX, and afterwards to sharpDX. Microsoft doesn’t even want to support it somehow. Other example Mono has a lot of classes for vector and other stuff found in new amd/intel processors, microsoft doesn’t care. They care about there Internet Explorer… Well… I don’t care….

  3. “So technically speaking it’s Microsoft which is screwing users and not Google.”

    Seriously? *Sigh* If anyone actually believes that Google doesn’t screw users then they are guillable at their best.

  4. Even though i think google is better than Microsoft because they give their service for free (or cheaper than microsoft’s), they’re same. they just aiming for profit by scanning or tracking their user.
    if you don’t want to be tracked, use comunity driven linux. even though it’s little bit difficult, it’s safer.

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