Steam Machines box prototype revealed, priced at $499

iBuyPower has revealed it’s first prototype of Steam Machines box which the company will be launching in 2014.

The company pulled the wraps off the prototype this morning and also gave a price tag. This gorgeous looking Steam Machine will be sold at $499.

Not much is known about the hardware – what we do know is that it will be powered by a multicore AMD CPU and a discrete AMD Radeon R9 270 GPU which will be able to play Steam games at 1080p/60fps. The machine will come with 500GB hard drive and can be connected over Wifi and Bluetooth.

This is one machine that will establish Linux as a dominant player in the gaming space.

However our friends at The Verge don’t think it will be an easy ride for the machine. The Verge writes, “For the price, you won’t be getting Windows, only Valve’s Linux-based Steam OS, which could be an issue starting out. While Valve has quite a few games running on Linux already, and says that major game developers will be building triple-A game titles specifically for Steam OS in 2014, it’s not quite the same as having the entire Windows catalog as a fallback.”

Sony’s PS4 doesn’t run Windows or Windows games, neither to Nintendo’s Wii – they have huge market. iOS or Android don’t run Windows games and yet they have a huge gaming market.

It’s no more 1996, Verge. Windows is no more a fall-back plan.

Steam already has quite a lot of games and it will be more than enough to drive the sale of the device.

Steam Machines will be Microsoft’s worst nightmare
Since Valve has already expressed its desires to position the device as bridging the gap between living room and the PC we can expect it to double up as a media consumption device. Either way most of our computing has moved to the cloud and streaming content from Netflix, Hulu or YouTube is no more an issue. So, I really don’t see why it will be an issue.

Google has already conquered the mobile space with Android and it’s Chromebooks are fast taking over the general PC markets.

Steam OS will do what others failed to do – to put GnuLinux in the gaming space.

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10 thoughts on “Steam Machines box prototype revealed, priced at $499

  1. “For the price, you won’t be getting Windows…”

    this Verge bloger are sometimes just silly mind !, yeah they are sponsorized by Micr;……t ! I don’t why, when in comes to speak about linux devices they always find a ways to speak about windows ! (mostly negative).

    Steam will attack from every front, this machine is not cheap, but we are waiting at least 5 models, attacking from every angle possible and having a wide range of devices is the best thing to do.

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