openSUSE Summit 2013 concludes in Orlando

openSUSE Summit 2013 has just concluded in Orlando, Florida. At the three-day event, a variety of free and open source software contributors gathered to collaborate on one of the major Linux distribution projects.

openSUSE, the community Linux distribution by SUSE, was established in 2005. It holds an annual summit in the US and a conference in Europe. The oSSum13 program included keynotes, talks, workshops and a lot of fun.

Participants of this year’s Summit had a chance to play the Geeko Hunt game, where Geeko photos were hidden around the venue and they had to go around and look for them. The basic idea was to enhance socialising through collaboration in order to achieve the goal of finding the 20 hidden geeko heads.

At the event, Lars presented geeko infrastructure and familiarised the participants with Education Li-f-e. On the other hand, Jos shared his thoughts on all about community building, promo and “booth’ing,” the do’s and don’ts. More advanced hands-on workshops also took place in Genie Lab, taking the participants down the road of systemd and image building with KIWI.

Stella Rouzi added, “During our town hall meeting issues like the wiki maze and the extensive communication channels we feature for the project were brought up. A few ideas were presented, such as integrating more openQA testing in the openSUSE Factory development process, adding social and game-like features to OBS to motivate our contributors and get a little more game-addiction going.”

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