Lightworks Linux Build now offers DVD, YouTube export options

The Linux beta version of Lightworks is now available with a wider set of export formats and improved overall performance.

The updated version offers AC3 audio decode support (cross platform) which no longer requires a separate audio filter.

The developers said, “We have introduced a considerable amount of changes to the user interface including: Playback controls to viewers, right click menu functionality (export, adding effects etc), Colour scheme changes with user definable parameters, including scaling the interface. AJA Hardware I/O support, Background export, YouTube export and much more!”

Lightworks was released as a public beta on Linux in April of this year.

Key updates include:
• Background rendering/export support
• Curve effect added to FX Colour Correction effects
• Magnetic snapping enabled on all panels (can be turned off)
• Ruler added to timelines
• Right click functionality (Export, Add FX)
• Free users can now specify where media folders are located
• ‘Insert/Replace’ source option added

As this beta build does not represent the final product, “there are several of the new features not working correctly and these issues are all covered in the Limitations and Known Issues list,” the developers added.

Lightworks’ Pro versions can also be availed at a yearly fee of $60. Pro users benefit from a greater set of professional-grade codecs due to licensing restrictions.

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