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Muktware Bloggers Network (MBN) is a platform which allows you to share your knowledge with the rest of the world and earn money while doing so. We now get more than half a million page views per month (last month we had over 630,000 page views) and your work reaches out to these millions of readers with Muktware. The platform is aimed at trainee journalists or ‘greenhorn’/’budding’ bloggers and not at seasoned or established writers. It’s a foundation to create new breed of free software bloggers and writers.

Grow up as an expert

We are looking for budding journalists who can build expertise in particular segment and grow up to head those departments. We are looking for people to exclusively cover one or two of these subjects

  1. Android
  2. Chrome OS/Chromebooks
  3. CyanogenMOD
  4. Ubuntu/Ubuntu Touch
  5. openSUSE
  6. Fedora
  7. KDE
  8. Gnome
  9. Science/Science fiction
  10. Politics


It’s a pay-per-post model where you get paid for each post that you write for Muktware. There is no cap on earnings – the more you submit, the more you earn. The payment is based on performance so if you write more you will make more per story.

Who is qualified for MBN?

  • Anyone with a panache for writing, understanding of Linux & Open Source and desire to share his/her knowledge with the rest of us.
  • There are many bloggers who run their own blogs but fail to monetize from them or create decent reader-base despite great content. MBN enables those bloggers to reach out to more people and make money from their work.
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Our audience

It’s very important to understand who is our audience and what are our goals so that you can ‘package’ the story accordingly. We primarily focus on two user-groups ‘consumers’ and ‘enthusiasts’. Let’s explain each group for better clarity.

Consumers: These are average people who are either already using open source technologies or can be potential users. These are average people who use PCs, mobile devices to get the job done and our goal is to educate this segment about Linux & Open Source technologies. We try to simplify technology in a manner that it is easily understood by average people. So try to avoid using tech-jargons. Think of trying to explain things to your mom or grandma.

Enthusiast: Our equally important target base is ‘enthusiasts’. These are the ones who like to tinker with technologies. These are the ones who want to feel the adrenaline rush of installing Arch on their systems or try our Ubuntu Touch or CyanogenMod. These are the crazy ones who are not satisfied with what they get with the box and want to hack it.


Our stories should be of appeal to a very wide audience base. We don’t want to cater to a very tiny user-base. Write about something which has wider impact. We no longer cover minor releases of software unless that release comes with a significant ‘feature list’ or some major improvement.

What kind of stories do we cover?

  • Daily News

Which segments do we cover under News?

We are pure Linux & Free Software/Open Source magazine so we cover every important story related to Linux and Open Source.

Technology: Muktware is primarily a magazine for Linux & Open Source users so news about technology is of prime importance. So what kind of technology news we are looking for?

a. About Open Source and Linux technologies.
b. Product launches – these can be either the ones which runs on Linux & Open Source technologies.

Science/Science Fiction: We cover latest science related news and articles. We are huge fans of science fiction to news/articles around Sc-Fi movies, novels and shows are most welcome

Entertainment: We also cover news/articles around movies and music which can be related to freedom or human liberation

Politics: We cover news/articles around pressing issues like GMO, US politics which may affect our constitutional rights or freedom, war and other such issues.

Travel/Culture/Food: We also cover stories about places, events and food. So if you have cool recipes or you travel a lot tell us about it.

5 points to keep in mind while covering news

  • Timeliness: News is all about ‘when’. The job of a journalist is to tell what’s going on at the moment and not what happened two days ago. No one is interested in what happened yesterday. At the same time we should strive to inform our readers as soon as possible. So, it’s very important to file stories as soon as possible while ensuring that it’s accurate and comprehensive.
  • Comprehensive: A story must give a reader complete information on what’s going on. So, take your time to do some research, check our archive or other sources to get more information on the subject so your story gives the reader complete picture of the situation with accuracy.
  • Accuracy: Give the accurate picture of the situation. Don’t assume or go by what the first source is saying – it could be biased or one sided. Always check the facts if possible. However it also don’t mean to hold the story unless you hear from other parties, present it will the information you have at hand and tell readers there may be follow-ups.
  • Emotion: News evokes emotions. There is no point in writing a story which doesn’t evoke emotion – that would be an essay. Always try to find a connection with your readers, always try to evoke emotion in them.
  • Unbiased: It’s a slippery road. It’s very easy to get biased and it’s OK to be biased, but don’t reflect it in your news. The best way to avoid bias is don’t inject your own opinion. On the contrary the best way to avoid bias is by getting views from other parties.

Our goal is to keep our readers informed so they can make informed decisions. Our goal is NOT to make decisions for readers or influence them to make certain decision. Give them as much factual information as possible so they are in a position to make a decision.


Reviews are generally reserved for senior members of the team, but if you are interested in reviewing any software or product, please feel free to contact editor.

How To & Tutorial

This is a very important segment as it helps our readers in making better use of products or services. We will select how/tos and tutorial from time to time and you can select those. However, if you feel like writing about a tutorial about something, feel free to contact the editor.

Mainly we focus on two kinds of tutorials (based on our audience as explained earlier).
Basic tutorials are aimed at helping average users to get best out of the Open Source products they use. An example could be ‘How to edit images on Chromebook’. Other example could be “Setting up your own media server on Linux”.

Advanced tutorials are aimed at enthusiasts to do things like ‘How to root your Galaxy Nexus 5’ or “How to install CyanogenMod on your device’. These are just some examples. We will suggest tutorials from time to time, but if you feel like writing a tutorial just let us know.


We also cover stories which are not news and these we put under ‘blogs’ categories. Stories which fall under blog can be comparison of products (for example a blog on comparing the specs and features of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4). Other example could be ‘Top five Android applications for writing’.

Advocacy articles

One of the primary goal of Muktware is to spread the word about Linux & Open Source technologies. We tell people the advantages of Open Source products so that they can make informed decision.

Migrate to Linux Desktop – From time to time we would ask for blogs which explain to users the benefits of Linux desktops (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, openSUSE) over Windows. Here you can also help users in explaining that they can do almost everything with Linux as they can do with Windows.

Migrate to Chromebooks – we are looking for posts about explaining what Chromebooks are and posts to help users in making more use of Chromebooks. There are many Chromebooks applications that work offline or allow you to much more. In a nutshell you are trying to talk about lesser known advantages of Chromebooks. For example, there are applications in the Chrome Store that you can use to edit images, the way you do with Photoshop.

If any of this interests you and you want to join the Muktware Blogger’s Network apply now using the form below.

Application Form

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About Swapnil Bhartiya

A free software fund-a-mental-ist and Charles Bukowski fan, Swapnil also writes fiction and tries to find cracks in the paper armours of proprietary companies. Swapnil has been covering Linux and Free Software/Open Source since 2005.

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