Adobe Reader update for Android includes new PDF export options

Adobe has updated the Reader app for Android with several new features. The latest version offers improved search, changes the file browser UI and also adds multi-window support for free. But you will have to shell out some money in case you want to take advantage of all of its new features.

Version 11.1.0 comes with two new in-app subscription services. “Adobe PDF Pack” and “ExportPDF” could be bought by users from within the app. The former can be used to convert documents (Word and Excel files) into PDFs, while the latter does just the opposite.

The ExportPDF add-on will cost you just under $24 per year, while the Adobe PDF Pack will come at a monthly charge of $10.

“In addition to the PDF functionality, Adobe has made the app’s file browser more up to date, as options are finally accessible from an Action bar. The basics such as copying, pasting, and renaming files are covered, as is uploading data to,” Android Police reports.

The latest version also includes multi-window support on devices that can handle it (for instance, the Galaxy Note 3).

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