Google’s Motorola wants to tattoo a microphone on your neck

How to start on this one? Well, Google’s Motorola subsidiary has filed a slightly strange patent with the idea that you should have a smartphone microphone tattooed onto your throat. According to the patent, the tattoo would be placed onto a person’s neck to pick vibrations directly from their larynx.

The patent describes, “An electronic skin tattoo [that]affixes to a body surface for providing auxiliary voice input to a mobile communication device.”

The tattoo includes a microphone, a transceiver for wireless communication with the mobile communication device, a power supply, and a controller coupled to the power supply, the transceiver and the microphone.

The controller is operable to receive an initialization signal from the mobile communication device to initiate reception of an audio stream picked up from the microphone and transmit via the transceiver audio signals for the mobile communication device.

The patent is unable to shed light on whether the tattoo will be permanent or temporary. But if it is the former, it could potentially mean locking users into Motorola devices for life.

10 thoughts on “Google’s Motorola wants to tattoo a microphone on your neck

  1. Eww. How does the battery work? Just a second here let me change or mess with my throat will I look for a spare battery? It sounds like a nasty invention I’m ok with my phone by my ear.

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