Flashable camera app takes Nexus 5 camera experience to next level

It features the best display, the best processor and is also an aggressively priced smartphone with an elegant design. Oh, and it improves upon its predecessor in almost every possible way. But for all of its perks, the recently launched Nexus 5 suffers from issues like weaker battery life and a camera with its fair share of quirks.

Though its camera offers the same 8-megapixel resolution as its predecessor, it appears that some of its issues might have to do more with the stock camera user interface.

As mentioned by Google earlier, a fix could be on the horizon. But hoping to improve the Nexus 5’s photo-taking abilities, developer Jishnu Sur has come up with a flashable .zip that replaces the stock camera with an app that is able to take the Nexus 5 camera experience to the next level.

It features faster focusing, the ability to record 720p @ 20Mb/S on the front camera, an adjusted focus range, and enhanced smooth zoom.

In case you wish to get the new 3rd-party camera app up and running, you’ll need an unlocked bootloader and root, with a custom recovery.

Here is the complete changelist:
1) Sound Recording now in Stereo with the secondary Mic.
2) Faster Focusing for the camera.
3) Front Camera also records 720P Videos@ 20 Mb/s.
4) Front camera Audio Bitrate@ 192000 Kb/s.
5) AntiBanding default set to 50Hz
6) Focus Range Adjusted.
7) Enhanced Smooth Zoom .
8) Turned Edge Enhancement ON.

Head over to the XDA Developers forum to find files and instructions, and give Sur’s camera app a shot.

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