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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praises Raspberry Pi

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is full of praise for the revolutionary little device Raspberry Pi. During an interview with BBC Woz was talking about young programmers.

“Any young child, even ten years old, can understand enough to learn to program, and the Raspberry Pi – you can hook wires to little motors, you can build devices that do things. What an incredible learning experience. Or sensors – you know, or when I say a certain word it’ll turn on the lights. Those are really fun projects for young people. And they are a growing step in developing the great technologists of the future, that build the devices we all live with.”

You can watch complete interview with iPlayer, unfortunately, the public funded BBC has put DRM locks around it so rest of the population of this planet is deprived of the content.

Now read this – Raspberry Pi was created to solve talent crisis at Cambridge: Eben Upton [Interview]

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11 thoughts on “Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak praises Raspberry Pi

  1. Ummmm, let’s see if I understood what I think I read:

    The BBC put DRM locks on a media piece which is talking up, and about, one of the more-important pieces of technology extant, which is TOTALLY, beginning-to-end, a UK creation; and–not to put too fine a point on the matter, nothing much short of a world-wide blockbuster event.

    Does that pretty well sum it up?

    As a Yank living under the current administration, this makes imminent, perverse sense.

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