Samsung to ship 100 million Galaxy S, Note devices in 2013

In a presentation at its Analyst Day event in Seoul, Samsung announced that the company would be shipping over 100 million Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices this year.

At the event, Samsung’s CEO JK Shin spoke about the company’s plans to expand in the global smartphone market. Coming to the growing tablet market, the presentation revealed that over 40 million of Samsung’s Android-based tablets have been shipped from the middle of 2012 to the same period in 2013, a 17.6 per cent jump in sales when compared to the previous year.

Tech2 reports: “The company, while referring to data gathered by Strategy Analytics, has said that number of smartphones shipped out globally will grow to 1.5 billion units by 2015. This is a big jump from the one billion smartphones that will be shipped out this year, according to the same data. The company, while addressing investor concerns over saturation in the high-end smartphone market, said that the premium segment for high-priced handsets like the Galaxy S4 will beat market forecasts.”

Also, the Korean phone maker plans to ship a smartphone with a 4K resolution display in 2015. The firm promises to squeeze Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution into a smartphone display in two years’ time.

The company also said that its next-generation of high-end smartphones, including the Galaxy S5 will ship with a 16MP camera, if not better. And as Samsung has already started work on its own 64-bit chip, with plans to ditch the ARM chip, the Galaxy S5 is also likely to come equipped with a 64-bit chip like the iPhone 5S.

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