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Microsoft wants HTC to dual boot Windows on their Android phones

Microsoft may not be very keen on letting users install other operating systems on their devices as they have often taken measure to make it harder or impossible for a user to do so. But the company now wants to ride the Android tide.

According to reports Microsoft is trying to get HTC to load Windows on its Android devices and allow dual booting into Windows.

The report comes from Bloomberg, which states that Terry Myerson, head of Microsoft’s operating system unit is in talks with HTC to have their Android Phones dual-boot into Windows Phone. The software giant is also willing to let go licensing fees to cut this deal. Myerson will in all probability visit taiwan to discuss the deal with HTC executives.

Apparently his move did not come all of a sudden, HTC had selved all plans to make standalone Windows Phones in future and this triggered in Microsoft’s desire to have their OS beside Android on HTC handsets.

HTC is a weak target for Microsoft at the moment as the company is not seeing any profits from its smartphone business. Microsoft needs HTC more than HTC needs it as Windows phone is still a struggling platform.

Microsoft is trying hard to cover lost ground in the smartphone market and after buying out struggling Nokia they are trying to get HTC on it’s side. The taiwanese manufacturer has been struggling hard to keep up with Korean rival Samsung.

May be Mr Elop is all set for his new assignment at HTC. As a Linux user I am glad to see this happening. The tables have turned now Microsoft wants to dual boot its losing OS on a Linux machine.

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Additional inputs from Swapnil Bhartiya

Tech Enthusiast, dreamer, slightly insane and does things little differently than normal.


  1. if it happens will i be able to delete the windows boot and have more storage on the HTC phone? by the way HTC wanna beat samsung???? it’s so simple you eggheads fix the f@k1ng battery life of your goddam phones thats the reason I always recomend against buying HTC phones you have the product and is good but your BATTERY LIFE SUCKS big time fix it so we can take you serious and not just as toy phone

  2. Oh, great. Nokia down, HTC about to go down, Samsung about to end up with a monopoly…

  3. Why doesn’t microsoft just go and fork android????

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