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LG follows Samsung and announces manufacturing of flexible displays

After the recent announcement of Samsung’s flexible display, LG has also disclosed their decision to jump on the bandwagon.

Samsung is on the way to release a limited edition Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that will feature a flexible display. It’s no wonder LG is also ready to manufacture their own version of the flexible display, as reported by the Korean Herald. Both companies are poised to start manufacturing the new kind of display soon.

Samsung is said to be making 5.5 inch units at their OLED plant, while LG will be churning out 4.5 inch displays in their manufacturing unit.

The Herald also reports that Samsung will have a manufacturing capacity of 1.5 million units, whereas LG will have the capacity to produce 35,000 flexible displays within this year. The push by Samsung and LG will reignite the innovation in the mobile segment and flexible displays also offer the ability to add more software features to these devices.

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The flexible display to be manufactured from next month, however, will be curved, plastic-based, light and unbreakable.

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