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Google Now smartwatch launch is not far away

Every technology company out there is trying to take a dip in the smart watch segment. There’s Pebble, Sony SmartWatch, Samsung Gear and slew of others, but current products have something missing which is keeping them from gaining enough popularity to make the consumers flock to the stores to get one for them. We are hearing rumours about Google smartwatch which will make use of Google Now to provide more practical solution to users.

Wall Street Journal has reported that we are not very far from the launch of a smart watch from Google. According to them, Google is in late stage development and  might already be in talks with manufactures in Asia to mass produce the device. This piece of informations puts the launch date somewhere in Q1 of 2014, which is not very far.

Google is trying to cut through all the gimmicky stuff and make a smartwatch which can actually be useful with battery life enough to make day to day usage pain free. Google Now has turned out to be a very good companion for smartphone users, providing the right information at the right time. Things can get even better if you can get the Google Now updates such as upcoming appointments and meetings, reminders, directions to various destinations, information about movie showtimes and sports on your wrist, that too in automatic manner, instead of having to fish for your phone in the pocket.

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