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Google Glass 2

Google Glass accessories surface

Google Glass has been quite the buzz machine ever since its launch. The glass from Google is quite an innovative device that has been under development for all these years. Google recently announced next iteration of the device, Google Glass 2 and now details of four accessories has also been uncovered on the internet.

Extra Mono Earbud:


Like the name suggests, it is a single earphone which is actually extra, since all Glass after 28/10/2013 will ship with an earbud, hence the name “Extra Mono”. The earbud will use the USB port on Glass and will have an adjustable loop to go with it. Along with that the cap can be replaced with caps of different colours, currently at black, blue, red and gray available. They are supposed to be $50 apiece.

Shades and shields:


Google has partnered with Maui Jim and Zeal optics to include a Shade for the Glass. It is a simple snap-on add-on, which allows you to change your regular Glass to a “Shade” Glass, ready to face the sun! In addition a clear protective shield is also included. They retail for $75 each.

Extra Charger & Cable:


Next we have the extra Micro-USB charger and extra-long cable. Since Glass uses micro-USB port and cable to charge itself, like most of the smart-phones today, this accessory also allows you to use your computer’s USB port to charge. But if a USB port isn’t handy, then the extra Charger comes into the play allowing you to plug the Glass into any wall socket for charging. From the looks of the pictures, the cable seems to be adequately long and then some more, which is always a good thing. This pair too will set you back by $50.

Extra Pouch:


Wrapping up the line-up, is the Pouch for carrying around your Glass and its other accessories, for perhaps that odd moment when you might need to take off Glass off of your eyes and put it somewhere safe. The Pouch is designed to be both durable and light and is made with Japanese micro-fiber from recycled materials. The pouch has a hardened area near the bottom to provide optimum protection for your prized possession. Every new Pouch will deduct about $50 from your other pouch.

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Although there are mentions of only four accessories at the moment, more might be on their way. Also, a point to bear in mind is that they are all first party. No third party accessory has been mentioned. An announcement might soon come just before or immediately after the release. (It would be real nice if big-shots like JBL or Bose were to make fancy earbuds for the Glass. Plus, who knows what crazy accessory a third-party manufacturer might just come up with) All the mentioned accessories will be available for purchase from the Glass Store.

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