Nexus 5 may be announced on 31st October

The much hyped 24 October Google Play event turned out to be hoax by some blogger from, but there is no doubt the next upgrade to Google’s Nexus phone is due. KitKat is already in work and this is that time of the year – just before the festival season when Google announces it’s new phones.

Now MobileSyrup claims to have been tipped that the Nexus 5 will start selling on Google Play Store on Oct 31. After getting bitten by hoax users will be careful before getting too excited.

One thing is for sure that KitKat is coming and Google will introduce a new device to launched the OS. However, Google may learn something from Apple and make announcement only when the product is ready for sale which means by the time announcement even finishes users can go and order (not pre-order for some 3 weeks later delivery date) the device immediately and get it delivered withing 24 hours.

Other players, especially Samsung, needs to learn it too as they sometimes announce product almost 6 months before they are launched.

Would you buy Nexus 5? If yes what are your reasons? Share with us in comments below.

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