People+ Glass app can help you recognise people in a party

If you are a guy who is in the startup sphere or just someone who attends lot of high profile parties and conferences but have trouble recognising people who can be prove to be valuable in your contact list, People + app is for you.

Initially it was just a directory of individuals from different firms, but the proposed Google Glass App seems to really bring the true potential of the app.

The makers of People + are aiming to develop an Glass app that can scan a room and provide you with details of each person present there. You can then know who you should approach at the conference, who can be the potential investor you are looking for.

“We want to provide professionals with the information necessary to help them better understand two key questions: Who am I talking to, and why. We realised when we created People+ that most often those questions were answered, with any luck, serendipitously in mid-conversation. Is that a way to get things done? We think not,” Peter Berger, CEO of People+ said in a statement.

There is no detailed info about the features of the Glass app the company is developing, but the demo video posted by the company provides a sneak peek of what we can expect when the app is released for Google Glass next year.

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  1. What about the poor schmucks not recognized by Glass? Will they automatically stigmatized? Will there be companies making their money making certain that you have a good Glass profile? Valid? In-valid?

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