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Google gets serious about Android as a gaming platform

Android is fast becoming a preferred gaming platform. Google says that “three out of every four Android users are playing games.”

Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t much care about platforms (except for Google Drive which is yet not available for Linux) and wants its services to run on as many platforms as possible. No surprises that Google launched its Google Play Games for iOS as well as the web along with Android to get more users to its gaming service irrespective of the platform they use.

Now Google is creating more features from game developers to better understand user experience and enhance their offerings.

Google has announced three new features in Google Play Games. These features make it easier for developers to understand what players are doing in their games so that they can manage their game features more effectively, and store more game data in the Google cloud.

The new Developer Console shows stats about games and gamers activities. Developers can see how many players have signed into your their through Google.

Greg Hartrell, Google Play Games team writes on a Google blog, “You can see how many players have signed into your game through Google, the percentage of players who unlocked an achievement, and how many scores are posted to your leaderboards.”

Google is offering more cloud space to developers, Hartrell says, “Cloud Save is one of our most popular features for game developers, providing up to 512KB of data per user, per game, since it was introduced. You asked for more storage, and we are delivering on that request. Starting October 14th, 2013, you’ll be able to store up to 256KB per slot, for a total of 1MB per user. Game saves have never been happier!”

As a user the only complaint I have with Android gaming is that it doesn’t sync my progress in the game via cloud.

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