Mozilla working on Chromecast alternative?

Google’s Chromecast was an instant hit; it was sold out immediately. Now Mozilla is also working on ‘second-screen’ solution which allows users to display content on second screen independent of what’s running on the device. Chromecast doesn’t just mirror what’s running on the device, it works as a ‘remote’ to manage the streaming content.

Google’s Chromecast attracted some criticism from the free software community when it was discovered that the device won’t allow streaming of local content; it would stream content from approved partners (such as Netflix) or via Chrome browser. Chromecast is a closed device and Google never advertised it to be otherwise from the very beginning. There are legit business reasons behind why Google wants to keep Chromecast close. But Mozilla is different so if they are working on such a solution we can expect it to be more open.

Mozilla has not given any details about the project, though they have confirmed to engadget that they are working on such a solution. “We are conducting some experiments around second-screen support with a number of devices. But this is at investigation stage and we have nothing to announce at this time.”

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