Low cost Motorola DVX spotted

According to a recent FCC filing by Motorola on a new phone, a lower cost variant of the Motorola flagship X might be in the works. The filing has revealed a new set of photos for the new phone. According to the filings, the new economical phone is dubbed as the Motorola DVX. The phone is expected to be in the sub $200 segment of the market.

From the photos, the DVX looks similar to the Motorola X, with just the speaker grilles changing sides. Though estimating the size without any scales is difficult, but based on the camera module and the Motorola logo, the size can be roughly pegged at 4 to 4.5 inches.

The filing document also says that it is certified for GSM 850/1900, so it will be supporting 3G, though not the LTE band. This might point to Motorola making it available outside of the US; unlike the US manufactured X. Proprietary Motorola software is probably going to be included too. From the looks of things, a Chinese manufacturing, cheaper SoC and a smaller screen just might be able to push its price down, especially since the X doesn’t have much of a stellar hardware spec anyways.

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