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Angry Birds Star Wars II now available on Play Store!

After a lot of fanfare and hype, Rovio has finally delivered on their promise of a new game in the hugely popular game and movie franschise. The new entrant to the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds Star Wars II is finally here!

Angry Birds was a game, about, well angry birds, but then Rovio decided to bring in Star Wars and caste the birds as the Rebels and the pigs as the Empire. The trick was such a huge success that they decided on sequel.

This new sequel brings a lot of new feature to the table. For starters, the game is now based on the first 3 movies that were a prequel to the original trilogy. Also, in this version, the players can swap characters mid-game, even while in sling shot. Speaking of changing characters, players can also embrace the Dark side that is they can play as the Pigs in this game. Characters like Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader are all playable now.

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There are a total of 30 characters, many of whom can be added through the use of Telepods, physical toys that unlocks the respective characters on your mobile devices when they are placed on your mobile device. Angry Birds SW 2 is available for free as an add-supported version along with a non-ad, paid version from the

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