How to get the best out of Ubuntu on Nexus 7

Many Ubuntu users, including myself, are excited about the work Canonical are doing on their mobile platform – Ubuntu Touch.

I have been using Ubuntu Touch 13.10 as a daily driver on my Nexus 7 for about two and a half months now. There are a few minor hiccups and setbacks, but I can honestly say that it has improved drastically from the original MWC Demo.

When we were originally introduced to Ubuntu Touch, it was a chroot within the Android OS (CyanogenMod 10.1). With the new Saucy builds we boot straight into Ubuntu using some Android bits for drivers (wifi, bluetooth, graphics, etc).

With this article I am sharing how to get the best out of your Ubuntu Touch running on Nexus 7. I assume that you already have it installed on your device so I am not going through how to install Ubuntu on Nexus 7.

On first boot I always go straight to the terminal and change the default users password.

sudo passwd phablet

and then change the timezone(a bit OCD with this)

echo “American/New_York” | sudo tee /etc/timezone

sudo dpkg-reconfigure –frontend noninteractive tzdata

it will ask for the default password which is “phablet” and then enter in your new password.

After that I add the phablet team ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:phablet-team/ppa

To add the Unity Lens(Unity Lens can be searched via the search bar on the Home Scope.[WIP])

sudo apt-get install unity-lens-*

and finally google accounts and gdrive

sudo apt-get install unity-scope-gdrive account-plugin-google

and then run an update.(I do this at least 10 times a day)

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

add MTP

sudo apt-get install libmtp-dev libmtp-runtime

and then reboot

sudo reboot -p

Before Unity8 was updated with App suggestion I added the coreapps ppa and non-core ppa, But I feel with click apps being updated and pushed to the app suggestion section everyday, this would be redundant.

Adding accounts for Facebook, Twitter, and Google is fairly simple.

Navigate to System Settings → accounts → Add account… And select the accounts you wish to add.

This will allow you to sync friends with your twitter and facebook, Google with Drive, and your Social media will alert you of notifications via Notify-OSD.

You can also add security to your greeter screen.

System Settings → Security & Privacy → Phone Locking → Lock Security and choose either 4-digit Passcode or Passphrase.

The default Password is “password” and the default passcode is “1234”.

The only real issues I have ran into on Ubuntu Touch so far is that Click Applications are still in an early stage of development and appear to be real buggy when installed (multiple instances of the same application, application not fully loading or lead to a missing path, or not being able to download/install correctly).

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