Open Source database PostgreSQL gets a new release

MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL are three major open source databases which dominate the market. According to Jelastic PostgreSQL is neck to neck with MySQL fork MariaDB and MongoDB.

Leading players using PostgreSQL include the likes of Yahoo! Instagram, Disqus, Reddit, OpenStreetMap, IMDB,Greenpeace, Creative Commons and the others listed here. Now there are companies like EnterpriseDB,

The new version of PostgreSQL (9.3) promises many improvements to attract new users.

“PostgreSQL 9.3 provides features that as an app developer I can use immediately: better JSON functionality, regular expression indexing, and easily federating databases with the Postgres foreign data wrapper. I have no idea how I completed projects without 9.3,” said Jonathan S. Katz, CTO of VenueBook.

Why MySQL is more popular than PostgreSQL is debatable, but many users prefer PostgreSQL for many reasons. is one of the very popular and reputed French companies (Muktware is registered with Gandi) and Pascal Bouchareine, director of research and development at says, “Postgres has been my favorite choice for its well known stability, robustness, strong coherency, safety, ACID, and SQL conformance. I’m especially excited to hear more about the fast failover coming in 9.3.”

One of the most notable features of the new version is the ability of two-way data interchange between today’s complex IT environments which involve multiple databases and semi-structured data sources. The writable Foreign Data Wrappers allow admins to integrate these systems into a coherent stack.

Cloudflare’s co-founder Lee Holloway agrees, “Writable foreign data wrappers enable us to plug in and seamlessly test various backend alternatives, allowing us to address different needs quickly and prototype intelligently. It is exciting to conceive and toss up new data stores (including our in-house experimental ones written in Go) and then watch them read, write, and even transact each other.”

As far as developer friendly features are concerned v 9.3 offers many new features including:

  • Additional JSON constructor and extractor methods
  • Automatically updatable VIEWs
  • Parallel pg_dump to speed backups of large databases

Version 9.3 also includes features which improve and extend PostgreSQL’s well-known reliability and availability:

  • Data Page Checksums: help administrators quickly detect failing disks and bad hardware that corrupts data
  • Fast Failover: enables sub-second switchoffs from master to replica, supporting “carrier-grade” availability
  • Streaming-Only Remastering: easier, faster reconfiguration of cascading replicas after failover

All these features and improvements make PostgreSQL more appealing for application developers, administrators and architects.

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